Do You Understand the Season You're In?

When starting off a new year we often hear statements about goal setting and action. However, prior to establishing goals or action it is important to know what season you are in.

Just as a farmer knows the season for planting, he also understands that there are times when the land must rest. When in a season of rest, asserting great bouts of man power only hinders and frustrates. It doesn't alter the season.

As a baby is tucked away in isolation being fully formed in the mother's womb, we too can find ourselves in seasons of rest and preparation for what is to be birthed.

What season are you in?

I start 2013 not with a thrust of manpower, goals and action, but with continued yielding to the process of transition. I begin 2013 assisting the divine creation taking place in my life, knowing that the process is internal long before it becomes external. If we do it the other way around it will be anything but enduring. We will surely forfeit the greater, by settling for the lesser.

So I give myself to a space where my head rests and my heart is awakened. I quiet my soul and open my spirit to receive revelation and illumination in heavenly partnership that will lead to further transformation.

Yes, I have a book ready to go to print, programs to implement, coaching to be done, and action looming in the distance, yet in this moment I give way to a season of rest, transition, and inner preparation. I am walking the walk that I support and coach others in doing. Follow along on the journey for 2013, the season of art and the untamed heart!

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