Is Resistance Causing You to Hit the Wall?

Kimberism: "If you hear a voice inside saying, "You are not a painter", then by all means paint...and that voice will be silenced." Vincent Van Gogh In the last two blog posts I tried to encourage those with intimidating voices nagging in their head, “You’re merely an amateur," to own their value and move past their fear. I wrote about catching confidence as if reaching for a fly ball. Another way to describe these road blocks that many small business owners, or business owner wannbes deal with is called resistance. How well do you face your resistance?

Have you ever consider that some of your greatest resistance is because you need to do the thing you fear? Steve Pressfield writes in The War of Art, “Remember our rule of thumb: The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.”

A friend of mine who was a singer for years hit a patch where she began to fear performing. The way she pushed through her resistance was to audition to sing the National Anthem at a pro-sport's game. She countered her resistance by doing the work instead of resisting it.

Pressfield goes on to remind us that fear equals resistance. The degree of fear we feel about launching out in anything can be equated with resistance. Think about it, if a project or feat means nothing to you there will be no resistance.

Two questions I find helpful in determining if what I am hitting up against is resistance, or my heart telling me the “thing” I am considering isn't right for me, are: 

1. Does this "thing" make my heart sing?

2. Why am I afraid?

If something truly makes my heart sing, I need to push through the various forms of resistance that try to block me. Some resistance shows up through procrastination, playing small, or engaging in distractions that keep me from actually sitting down to do the work, like when I decide to suddenly re-wallpaper the house. All of these forms of resistance only keep to separate me from what I am meant to do.

However, if I determine that my heart is dreading something, because it isn't a good fit, or goes against my core values, I know that I need to release it, and make space for what I am actually meant to do.

Does resistance keep you hitting the wall?  How do you process through your resistance?

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