Does What Worked For You Once Work For You Today?

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In 1997 the second year Christmas rolled around after my husband Bill passed away, my smart welding grandmother tossed out a new idea. Instead of having me slave in the kitchen for an elaborate Christmas dinner, we would order Chinese take-out. This idea became a family tradition that we continued to celebrate for years, along with serving up a smorgasbord of Hors d'oeurvre on Christmas Eve.


Now that the kids are on the West coast and I will be celebrating Christmas with my East Coast family, things look differently and therefore need to be reexamined. It’s been said that change is the only thing that remains consistent. To stay in sync with change, intentional choices must consistently be examined and exercised.


Are you living in default, or are you making deliberate choices today and in the season to come?


It’s important to look at your life regularly and evaluate what you are tolerating and what you would actually choose instead. Process the information in this manner:

1. Ask yourself, “What do I want?” Although this might seem obvious, you’d be amazed how many people shuffle along through life without addressing what has been placed in them to nurture and to live out.


2. After identifying what you want, it is important to: Determine where you are at this moment in relation to your desire, dreams, vision and goals.


3. Determine the next right step to move forward toward your vision or goals and take incremental, intentional action.


Even the most independent of us needs regular support in life, including those that live in the woods, provide their own food, and live off the grid. Each of us needs to link arms with those who have different skill and gift sets.


As you determine what your goals are in the season ahead, consider joining the Moxie Me Please! Coaching Group to help you unearth your gold, gain clarity and vision around your voice, your passion and your true identity, move closer to your vision, and get activated.


One of my goals for 2015 is to support more women in stewarding and activating the wealth that they carry.


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Don’t deny yourself the affordable support you need, because you lack vision, intention, follow through or resolve to see your goals materialize. Join us!


Things Clients have said:

“Thank you so much for taking the time to invest in me. I have some renewed vision and inspiration…”  

 "I had such great fruit from our session. God brought the whole thing to the surface for months after.  I love your sense of freedom and creativity. It's truly inspiring!" 

"You bring out peoples inner bling!"

"The first session of the program did something so deep, it was awesome!"

"Kimber you’ve been instrumental in provoking forward thinking in me. I love how you empower women. You’re the type that gently leads…you have a strong grace. I would guess that would be GRACE & TRUTH, together. Then you release! I’ve never felt judged by you and you truly have a spirit of counsel. I feel safe with you!"