Don't Leave Your Bags Unattended

Those who travel by air are familiar with the warning that broadcasts throughout airport terminals instructing travelers not to leave their luggage unattended. I, like many of you have been detained and searched on many occasions, because of that reason.

Once I was even caught up in the scare of a gunman within the airport. While officials yelled codes across the security check point, travelers were instructed to freeze. In the end it turned out to be a false alarm leaving a strong impression on me in its wake.

While the airport is clearly intentional about protecting travelers from the dangers of intruders, are you as intentional about your own stowaways in life?

Imagine if you we’re ordered into a freeze zone every time a disguised and unwanted intruder invaded your thoughts, weighing you down with baggage.

What if you were able to scan yourself and identify the toxic and limiting thoughts that were detaining and derailing your life? What if limiting beliefs were actually bits of shrapnel that could be identified and removed?

I wonder how often you and I walk around oblivious to the conscious thoughts jabbing and prodding us. Boy, just think about the amount of unattended baggage!

Do you have limiting beliefs that are weighing you down and keeping you from taking off and arriving where you want to go? Below you will find tips to address those intruders head on. Don't be weighed down by unwanted travelers.

7 Tips for Reducing Baggage                                                                                                                 

1. Become aware of the thoughts that are tripping you up. We all have them. They are usually cloaked in garments of fear, sometimes so well camouflaged that we don’t recognize them.

When you feel that jab in your gut that says, “You shouldn’t do that,” or “Don’t risk it” you can identify an intruder. All “shoulds” are attached to limiting beliefs that rob you of your power to choose.

2. Evaluate how that thought makes you feel. Does it make you feel afraid, powerless... angry? Once you identify the feeling...

3. Identify what action the feeling produces. Does it keep you paralyzed? Does it make you reluctant to take action?

4. Then ask yourself if the nagging thought is true? Do like the way it makes you feel? Are you happy with the result the action, or lack of action produces?

5. This is where you get to take ownership and decide if what you believe is working for you, or limiting you. It may be that what you've believed is based on old information you collected about yourself from influences around you. You get to decide what would better serve your life. You get to choose what you would like to believe in place of the limiting belief. You can choose to live at the cause of your life, and not powerlessly at the effect.

6. Now evaluate how your new belief makes you feel.

7. Decide what action you will take with this new belief to move forward toward where you desire to go in life.

Removing stowaways will always lighten your load! What are some stowaways you are uncovering?

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