Effortless Bliss

Kimberism: Makeovers start on the inside with a willing surrender. I have spent years of my life convinced that an intentional ,direct pursuit was the ticket to great results. However, despite my best efforts, the greatest results in my life have not come through my most strenuous efforting, but through effortlessness!

That throws a wrench in most of our ideologies. We tend to think if we do the work we will reap rewards. Funny thing is, my effortlessness has produced far greater results than any amount of hard work! I believe you might be able to say the same things if you really take a good look.

There are those that vehemently resist this kind of thinking showing glowing proof of their hard earned efforts. You can look around and see that many have found success through an ego driven win-at-all-cost-approach based on sheer will power and determination. Although success is possible with this method, in the end it is not satisfying.

Nevertheless, there are countless people who have experienced great results in the past who are suddenly feeling as if they are in the Sudan and their water supply has dried up. At a certain point we all face the inability of our own powers to do for us what we wish they could. We hack and hack and hack to fell our own forest, but at some point all woodsmen swing their last blow to sink back in exhaustion. The energizer bunny eventually burns out.

Interestingly in times like these, life has away of helping us acknowledge our need for something greater than ourselves. We have the opportunity to be ruined in a positive way. We have the opportunity to depend on something bigger than ourselves.

Imagine if instead of feeling shoe horned into these places of lack of control and limitations, we came at them from a place of effortless surrender. What if we merely tapped into a strength that far surpassed our measly offerings and effortlessly hooked up to receive a power-transfusion?

Instead of bull dozing our way through life, we can follow the trail of effortless bread crumbs, positioning ourselves at the spout to the mother-load of supply, blissfully engaging in the party, choosing to be romanced by life instead of being a slave to it.

We can enter into the feast that is already available, instead of laboring to make our own. We can be a blissful recipient of radical generosity. Instead of searching for a sip of water we can choose to bath in a geyser of joy.  Yes, we can experience the effortlessness of this kind of bliss!

The key is living from a place of child-likeness, loosing control, embracing the tension of the unknown, being willing to live in the foolishness that faith requires, while anticipating undeniable goodness as a child anticipates Christmas. We can get smart- and decided to accept the invitation to surrender to effortless bliss.

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