Empty Systems

Kimberism: "Our blissful destiny is to be swallowed up into the oceans of perfect love." Benjamin Dunn There is a lot of talk about systems these days, talk about: business systems, belief systems, support systems, operational systems. Business coaches regularly tout the importance of putting in place the correct systems for a smoothly functioning business.

Although systems can be beneficial, sometimes people end up with a lot of empty systems and a short supply of substance to fill their systems. What we might need more accurately is a little cocktail of grace and faith rather than systems.

I see many people in a season when their nicely ordered systems are failing them. Have you noticed that those who have put their trust in their systems are suddenly coming up empty? 

At times I too have let my life become consumed by empty systems and I’ve hit the wall in frustration when my systems have failed me. Look around and you can see a world of failing systems.

That’s why I've returned to the Strife Free Zone! If you are tired of trusting in your own nicely ordered systems and want to connect to something bigger than yourself you might start at the perfectly effortless place of ceasing to strive. In fact I am implementing a: Cease Striving Campaign!

I recognized that everything good in my life has come about effortlessly, not because of what I initiated, but because of what was initiated in my life by grace. Let’s take my husband for instance. After my first husband Bill passed away and I wanted to be remarried I was pretty darn convinced that there wouldn't be a man brave enough to marry a woman with four kids. Yet one night I had a dream in which I heard the word Beulah. When I awoke I researched the word and found that it means married! That was a little divine encouragement don’t you think?

Then oddly a child randomly told me what she believed was a message for me. She said she saw me like Jasmine in the movie Aladdin. She said she believed I felt like I was in prison, but not to worry, because I was going to be brought out of prison. (In the movie, Jasmine was held captive.) By the way, the young girl's assessment about me was correct.

After seven years of raising my four children alone Mark entered my world. When he was about to accept a job offer that would have taken him out of town he told me a dream he had about a girl he believed to be me. I gasped when he told me that the girl's name in his dream was Jasmine. He said the girl had a lot of kids and he rescued her! I could have dismissed these events as consequences had I not been a welcomer of grace.

Imagine what a confirmation this was to me, knowing that no one knew about these previous experiences, except God! Certainly I could have orchestrated none of that! Imagine the joy of embracing this gift in my life rather than striving to produce it. Impossible! Yet there are unimaginable graces available if we can receive them. Striving can never do what pure grace and love longs to do.

Are you exhausted from your own effort and ready to ceasing striving? Where can you see grace being initiated in your own life and jump on board? Join me and follow along in the Cease Striving Campaign. More to come soon!

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