Engage In Your Delight

Kimberism: Make life a celebration. Recently at a book launch party for my friend Christine I watched a loving interchange between a father and his special needs son. The fifteen year old boy’s parents had thoughtfully tied colored balloons to his stroller and every now and then the boy would gleefully grab a balloon and engage in play.

I also watched as the father lovingly took his son out of the stroller to play on the grass. While the dad laid on his back he served as his son’s toy. The excited boy scooted towards his dad, and laughingly touched face to face. It was a breath taking display of affection.

I loved that the dad delightedly engaged in what delighted his son. What father wouldn't want to encourage his child's delight? Sometimes old mindsets tell us that our desires are wrong. Sometimes we hear voices in our head that ask, accusingly “Should I desire this?” or “Is it OK to want to do that?”

In the movie Chariots of Fire, a man discovered his great joy in running. Yet his sister feared that if he was successful fame would take its toll and he would not fulfill his calling. His response to her concern was that he felt God’s pleasure when he ran.

What makes you come alive and feel God’s pleasure in your life? It doesn't have to be overly complicated. There is something that brings satisfaction to you the way the balloons brought joy to this boy. If the Father were on the grass playing with you what would you be playing? What would be the game He would delight to play with you? What puts a gleam in your eye and makes your heart come alive. The Father feels pleasure when you engage in your delight.

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