Engineered for Greatness

Kimberism:  An ignorance of means may minister to greatness, but an ignorance of aims make it impossible to be great at all.  Elizabeth Barrett BrowningEngineering is the science of finding out the substance of what things are made of and what the best use is for them.  We each have been engineered, or I prefer created, for a specific purpose. 

My husband who use to be in the home building industry says that in the building word, a governing body performs tests on 2x10's to determine how much weight they can support before they're used in construction.  Building codes tell builders how much of a load they can carry.  You have to know the sum value of something to know what it's capable of, right?  That's why 2x10's are tested.  When you know what its values are, you know what it's capable of.  The test tells what it can do. 

Boy, we can relate to being tested! Have you used your trials and tests to help determine what you are fitted for? Have you identified a theme in your story? Have you taken your pain and turned it into value? Have you let your pain and your passion determine what you are uniquely fitted for?

Ultimately, this leads to what people think of as their calling or purpose. In this day and age people are not content to clock in without connected meaning to what they do.  

 One way to evaluate what you are fitted for is to:

  •  Check in with what you are passionate about.  You were engineered with your own pulse and heart beat, so check in with your passion.
  • Evaluate what you are building. A 2x10 is of little importance unless its usefulness is maximized.  Are you building what you desire? Is it maximizing what makes you great, or something of little importance to you?

When you connect to your passion and strive to build what is aligned with your passion you will connect with what you were truly engineered for. Moxie Me Institute helps heart-led entrepreneurial women and entrepreneur wannabes rev up their business savvy and bring their greatness, purpose and passion to the world, through live events, teleseminars, personal coaching, powerful resources, tools, and education. We invite you to join our community of heart centered, spunky, female entrepreneurs. Follow us at: