Fall In Love

Love is the main 1

Living from the place of an untamed heart means I can choose not to posture, or dance around guarding my heart, but I can lay it on the line and be comfortable with vulnerability.

I can unbuild the walls I've erected and make space for the openness I desire. Everything begins and returns to love. I can focus on building empires and changing the world, but unless I have love its just a lot of noise. The poem that follows was a bit of Monday morning's inspiration. 


Fall In Love


Fall in love with the people that stopped loving you.


Fall in love with the people that never could.

Fall in love with life, its pain and redemption.
Fall in love with yourself again.

Fall in love where hardness lives,
walls and barricades and armored tanks of fear.
Lay across the road, refuse to amp up.
Don't let your heart be stolen. Choose to fall in love. 


How does this topic speak to you? How important is living from a place of love in your life?