Fortitude, Dude!

Kimberism: "I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship." Louisa May Alcott

In California we have strong seasonal winds known as Santa Anas. The day after purchasing rose bushes for our yard unusually strong Santa Ana winds blew in knocking down power lines and trees in various areas across Los Angeles. As the winds shook our house, rattled our doors and blew on our new rose bushes I was surprised the next day to discover that our roses were in fact quite sturdy and held on through the powerful winds. However, ever last pedal on my Bougainvillea was scattered across our yard.

How well do you come through the powerful storms in your life? Many storms in my life have knocked me on my rear and left me with my feet flailing over my head. However, it's really not about how good you look, but whether or not you endure your wind-blown seasons, so you can enjoy the bloom time.

Pruning is a natural occurrence in nature and in life. A good gardener knows the necessity of cutting back a plants growth, so that its future growth will be maximized. The storms in our lives can produce the same results.

Although you may feel akin to a bare Bougainvillea after harsh winds, the winds may in fact be priming you for rapid growth and fruitfulness. When life deals you a harsh hand and you feel supremely wind-blown, remember that every flourishing garden endured a season of pruning at one time or another. Gird up your fortitude, get back on your feet and watch for new growth!

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