Fueling the Flame

In pregnancy you don’t actually know what you’re having until you deliver and still you don’t know the exact nature of your gift until it matures. Each of us has the seed of greatness resident within us. Some intentionally watch over their gift to see it birthed into its greatest purpose. This requires faithfulness and consistency, just as parenting takes deliberate, consistent attention to raise a child.

What are you doing to nurture the gift within you and see it come to maturity? What do you do to keep the gift within you ablaze?

Every flame needs a good dose of wind to keep it fueled. Your gift is connected to your passion. Wind upon a flame will ignite passion and cause it to burn brighter.

The best way to keep a flame ablaze is to fan it. One way to fan a flame is to engage in delight-led activities, rather than duty-led obligations. Duty-led activities can be spotted where ever there is a "should." “Shoulds” quickly douse vision and passion like a cup of cold water on a fire.

What are two things this week you will do to fan your flame? Remember this doesn't involve things you think you “should” do, but rather activities that are sure to ignite your passion, vision and creativity.

This week I plan to fuel my flame by giving myself time to work on a writing project. When I write I loose myself in time. Even when I spend a whole day writing, my flame is fueled, not starved. What will you do this week to fuel your flame?