Get Clear About Your Who, What, How and Why

I used to think restaurants that posted pictures on their walls of their specialty dishes were not my cup of tea and definitively tacky. However, now I realize their effectiveness and intent in making what they are marketing clear.

Every time I drive by a nearby restaurant that highlights photos of its dishes, suddenly I crave Korean BBQ. Even though I might not have planned to eat at this venue, I become aware of what it offers. The next time I decide to partake in Korean BBQ you can bet that nearby restaurant that clearly posts what it offers will come to mind, and may even be my choice.

Imagine if you were that clear about who you are? What if you let people know right off the bat about the transformation you offer?

Getting clear about your “who,” “what,” “how” and “why” in life and business is crucial.

Who are you?

What do you bring the world?

How do you deliver what you bring and why?

Coaching helps you get clear about your "Who" What" "How" and "Why." As you gain this clarity will notice that you are attracting people that are looking for what you offer.  Try writing out your definition to all of the above components. Tell me what you discovered?

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