Get Down Off Your Grumpy!

Uma Thurman  from Tarantino's Kill Bill 
Image credits: sinepil

Sometimes phrases just pop in my head out of no where. Does that ever happen to you? “Get down Off Your Grumpy” is one such phrase. I’m not sure if this is simply a way I amuse myself to the point of bursting into laughter, or the best method yet for causing my teenage son to roll his eyes!

I like this phrase, because aren’t there times you’d just love to yell it, like in traffic when someone flips you an offensive gesture?

Once my kids and I were driving along on a beautiful sunny day; that is until Mr. grumpy almost caused a wreck, refusing to let me merge into traffic. Yes, I was inclined to swear, but instead I yelled out, “Oh, go take a nap!” to which my kids sarcastically responded, “Wow, you really showed him, mom!”

Imagine what a grumpy free world would be like for just a moment; no deflators standing by ready to burst your bubble. No naysayers saying!

Some times I am quite content being a Pollyanna wanting everyone to win and succeed. However, I realize the need for sand paper in our lives, because iron sharpens iron. Opposition can refine us and shape us into something we have yet to become. Edmond Burke said, “He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill.”

Let me hear how you are letting opposition strengthen you and sharpen your skill?

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