Go From Stressed-Out to Blissed-Out

Kimberism: Stress isn't about what happens to us, but rather our reaction to it.

Several times over the years my body has responded to life by refusing to carry on and collapsing in fatigue. Although the work to rebuild my adrenals, healthy thyroid function and overall energy has been time consuming and frustrating, the process reminded me, “If a vision lacks bliss check to see if it is divinely-powered or self-powered.”

Most of us are able to do a lot, I mean a lot in our own strength. Mankind has an amazing fortitude. However, the point is not to live in a consistent state of testing ones fortitude. Its clear that like the Energizer Bunny our batteries need to be recharged. Rather than testing my strength and becoming maxed-out I would rather tap into a superior strength that powers me to live at a higher state of bliss. How about you?

Are you tired of feeling like you're walking up hill with a ton of bricks in tow? Do you feel:

  • Your passion has been doused by working too hard to do all the right things with little payoff
  • Like you’re white knuckling it and wish life could feel effortless
  • You struggle to remember the last time you felt giddy
  • You wish you could be romanced by life and connect with Something bigger than yourself
  • Are tired of peddling faster and faster while experiencing little results

If this is you, give yourself the incredible gift of self-care by signing up for my free telecall which is a part of the Cease Striving Campaign: Super Charge Your Life with Irresistible Bliss. On this call you will learn:

  • The biggest robber of bliss in your own life
  • How to connect to Something bigger than yourself
  • The difference of inspired verses self-powered vision
  • How to create a foundation to access bliss and inspired vision
  • How to identify the Stages of a Vision
  • What to do when a vision seems to die on the vine
  • The signs of divine inspiration in your life
  • How to avoid toiling over projects that are uninspired
  • How to release control and give your vision wings to fly
  • How to wake up giddy and excited everyday
  • How to find out your irresistible easy
  • How to thrive in whatever circumstances you face

Embrace Irresistible Bliss! Sign up now for this FREE telecall on Tuesday July 19th, 11:00 am PT!

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