Gold Digger


Kimberism: Never quit being a gold digger. Uncover your gold and other's gold too!

Recently I failed to see the wealth of possibility before me although my son Gabriel encouraged me with a story about a miner who sold his land, because he failed to uncover the wealth of gold buried below the surface. Gabriel went on to relay that the new owner moved in and effortlessly hit the mother-load just feet away from where the original owner stopped digging.

Have you ever had a day when you were blinded by the brilliant gold in your life and gotten schooled by your kid? I know I am the queen of moxie, but sometimes my moxie needs to be upleveled!

I am familiar with the idea of buried treasure. I actually coach women around this very issue, so it’s understandable that at times I need to be reminded of the importance of mining for buried treasure in my own life. The truth is the theme never becomes outdated, because we each possess an unending wealth of gold within us.

As if that mining story wasn't enough of a road sign, another of my inspiring children, Joshua, came home from work spouting that he needed a new job. It seemed his current job refused to give him time off for the important family trip we had planned. Two hours later he had followed a lead, interviewed and come home with more than a job, but rather an expansive opportunity! (You gotta love kids who are coached and return the favor to their momma!)

What I love about the mining story and witnessing my son hit the mother-load job is that none of the results came about through striving. Both stories demonstrate that the results came effortlessly by entering into grace.

The reason we have internal gold is for it to be mined and shared, yet how we go about mining does affect our results. Are you striving and seeing little results? Practice stepping back from your surroundings and re-entering in where you see grace.

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