Gratitude Helps Alter Attitude and Altitude

Kimberism: Gratitude alters attitude and altitude The closest I’ve ever felt to homelessness is in this transition of moving out of our current rental in Los Angeles to a nearby area where we haven't yet found a place. I realize this doesn’t compare to actual homelessness knowing we have friends, family or a hotel to rely on in the interim. However, like most people, I don’t care for the unknown.

The unknown is the place of limbo, circling the runway indefinitely without knowledge of an approaching takeoff. However distasteful the unknown is to me, I understand that it is territory that we need to become increasingly comfortable with. The unknown is where we learn to truly exercise faith, and not merely lip service.  From the unknown vision emerges, vision takes flight and new things are birthed as we push through the darkness into the hope of what lies ahead.

When I feel as if my life is closing in on me, I take the coaching advice I offer clients.

  • I zoom out to gain a bigger perspective.
  • I try to remember other times that were difficult and yet were met with ample faithfulness and provision.
  • I challenge my inability to see or perceive through imagining the possibilities in my circumstance and by exercising gratitude.
  • I lean into the strength of the Upstairs Team.

Gratitude helps to alter my attitude and ultimately my altitude. How are you practicing gratitude in the midst of your current trials?

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