Its A Great Thing To Get What You Want

spike_and_rarity__s_heart_shaped_fire_ruby_by_edwardten-d4jbvk5"Its a great thing to get what you want, unless what you thought you wanted wasn't what you really wanted, because what you really wanted you couldn't imagine or didn't think was possible. But what if someone came along who knew exactly what you wanted without asking. They just knew. They could hear your heart beating and listen to your thoughts and what if they were sure of themselves and they didn't have to take a pole and they loved you?" From the movie Kate and Leopold

Do you ever feel like the perpetual baby bird being pushed out of the nest to try out her new wings! Sometimes all you can do is laugh at the cosmic restructuring that shifts you from one reality into another.

If I had known my childhood nickname, 'Limber Kimber,' was foretelling my life journey, I might have refrained from doing cartwheels; splits and bending like a pretzel. Its not that I love continually being rearranged, but truthfully, restructuring in the end has always surpassed what I’ve imagined. I am grateful that deep down my heart knows there is more and doesn’t let me settle for the latest shiny object.

Reconstruction is a glorious thing if you give yourself to the process and you learn to bend. This is how Possibillionaires are made! Take it from, I've had a little experience! Do you need help reframing your circumstances? Order Untamed Heart: Releasing Your Creative Genius and get started here!


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