Heaven is Missing An Angel

Kimberism: "All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure." Mark Twain

One of my daughter’s top 5 strengths determined from an Assessment is"Self-Assurance." Her brother’s whole heartily agree. They know well that their fashionable sister never hesitates to wrestle, or swat them back, managing to hold her own. I love that!

Another thing I love is that Chloe’s morning wake up alarm is set to play, “Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel.” I hear it every morning while sipping my cup of tea. It brings a smile to my face as I think of her heading out for the day to confidently serve celebrity clientele. She makes no qualms about her personal style which is what makes a great stylist stand out.

How are you at owning your unique strengths? Do you show them off in full color? Is it obvious that you believe you possess something so special that heaven must be missing an angel because you aren’t there?

If your a ready-for-success woman who wants to do the work to come out of hiding and show off your expertise I challenge you to contact me for a complementary strategy session. Find out how your heart will sing when you gain clarity about your strengths and how to activate them. Sign up here.

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