Help for "Good Girls" Who Want to Go Rogue

Living in California I am often reminded of one of my favorite philosophers, Dr. Seuss. I am certain that Seuss drew much of his inspiration from the natural California terrain that shows off trees with giant, upside-down-trumpet blossoms, and caricature palms that seem to dance in the breeze.

There is nothing routine, or ordinary about these marvels. Every time I pass a trumpet tree, or childlike palm my insides light up and do a dance. The thing is as creative as Seuss was, he simply captured those images in his stories. He didn’t create them. Imagine the creativity that exists among us.

Dr. Seuss gave us some good advice in his admonition, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”

Have you ever noticed that his advice isn’t always so simple? Who doesn’t want to be free to live into the massive creativity that exists within each of us? Yet most of us have "things" that hinder us and get in the way like, Thing One, and Thing Two in Seuss’ Cat in the Hat!

One of our “Things” might come under the heading of “Good Girl Syndrome.” Many women struggle with that “Thing.” Just being reminded of the mess Thing one and Thing two created can make a “Good Girl” nemesis shudder!

Isn’t it amazing how we often allow structures and people to contain and define us, instead of creatively defining ourselves? To help move out of the “Good Girl Syndrome” and tap into a more creative, unhindered you, ponder these questions:

1. If you close your eyes and imagine yourself going rogue- moving outside of any limiting thinking that holds you back, what do you see?

2. What is the most liberating and childlike thing you can do to tap into your version of brilliance, be it childlike trumpet trees, swishy palms, or business finesse? 

3. How are you denying yourself permission to tap into your most brilliant, creative self?

4. Where do you need to establish boundaries and implement the word, "no" to creativity stealer's?

5. How would you like to go rogue and redefine yourself today?

Consider these questions and put a fun action around them to jump start a more creative, vibrant YOU!
Share the fun, creative, assignments you give yourself here on the blog!

Other fun resources to spark your creativity are books by the author SARK. Her childlike colored text spurs on creativity and self-permission to reconnect to child's play. Check out Succulent Wild WomanJuicy Pens Thirsty Paper, Make Your Creative Dreams Real, and many other titles.

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