Hiding Out In the Dugout, Or Occupying Your Promised Land?

How often in life do we find a nice piece of turf, plant ourselves and remain unmoved? Isn't that the American way, find your dream home and plant yourself there?

Well it wasn’t always that way. The Israelites of old lived in movement. They moved with the cloud by day and moved by fire at night, so they could be brought into their Promised Land.

The revolutionary, radical, fire-branded ones who made it to their Promised Land, were those that didn’t settle for less. How often have you found yourself lulled into complacency; camped out on the same relic turf you've occupied for years; tamed; lukewarm; and having lost the internal motivation and fire to move forward into your Promised Land?

Have you given up on your vision, or has your vision become so obscured from the dust of the cloud passing you by that you’ve completely lost sight of it? Are you forfeiting your Promised Land? I’m not talking about the promise of the by and by. I’m talking about the ground you’re meant to occupy here and now.

Maybe you are meant to be at the top of your game impacting the business community, or your Promised Land is to impact those around you through your craftsmanship, art, or music? Maybe you're a dedicated Educator whose lost sight of the power you have to change lives. Have you lost sight of your vision? If so it's not too late!

However, you will never be content camped out on yesterday's turf, while you fail to occupy your Promised Land today. If you've been stuck in your own dug out, get the support you need to occupy and refocus your future. Women are waking up and taking their land! Don't settle for the dugout when you can occupy your Promised Land.

To get out of the dugout and occupy your Promised Land

1. Get real about what ignites your passion and nurture the seeds of that passion into vision
2. Don't wait for something magical to move you to where you want to be, strategically plan to get there
3. Value the time you've been given, steward it wisely by investing in your future today
4. Invest in what will practically equip you to bring your vision into fruition
5. Follow other entrepreneurs, and mentors who are where you want to be
6. Don't wait for permission to take the reigns of your life
7. Get activated and drive your life!

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