How Do You Handle Change?

Step into changeMy words sounded somewhat robotic as they came spilling out, “Yes, we’re moving again.” 

It’s so familiar, this explaining and answering back to the inquiries. Mom moved us and now work moves us still.

All the while I’ve learned to adapt to the path of change and even celebrate it, because peace is not merely a shingle hanging on the door. Peace is not an outer stability that is relocated with u-haul boxes, or circumstances outside of ease.

Blow winds of change and we will dance in your wake. (I am a transition and transformation coach no less!) :)

Change is a regular component of life

What life does not require transition, change and redesign? We may move here or there, but our spirit man can take up residence in Peace.

Peace is a choice. We don't have to tow the line of hustle and strive. We can glide with grace on our path. My path may not be your path, but all paths can be beautifully crafted with a perspective of possibility.

How are you handling change?

How are you handling change in the world, in your family, your body, your relationships, employment or dreams and vision?

Why not make change work for you?

Learn to become a change shaper and dream crafter. Learn to experience bliss and peace in all circumstances. Stop dreading change. Celebrate it!

Cease-Sriving-ButtonAs I step into change once again and look forward to new possibilities I want to share a powerful perspective-uplifter to encourage you in the change you might be experiencing. Simply email me at with the subject line "free gift" and my fun ebook, 100 Keys to Cease Striving and Enter Into Irresistible Bliss will be emailed to you!

You can picture me poolside this summer as we settle into a temporary apartment and begin looking for a permanent home in Charlotte. :)

Stay tuned and stay connected for more grace, True Identity bliss, Daring Way™, Untamed Heart and unique Art Girl's Sanctuary workshops starting in August.

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