How Is Your Development Quota?

Kimberism: "When you live up to your greatness the whole world is made better. The world can not afford for you to choose average or easy." Erwin R. McManus Several months ago I was inspired to compile a list of the many investments I have made over the last eight years in areas of personal, and business development. When ever I feel stalled in life, or business I quickly remind myself of the vast investments I have made to consistently grow and develop my self personally and professionally.

I recommend you do the same. If you discover that your list is slim to nothing, or consistently contains the same types of training or programs, you are faced with a huge opportunity to shake things up and begin to nurture greater development in your life and business.

You might not realize that experiences outside of your particular niche can serve to expand your perception and awareness, while contributing to your greater advancement. That is why one of my mentors took a singing class with her husband and stood on stage during an event I was at and sang to the crowd of 400 people. She was courageous to address her fears and move beyond her comfort zone to experience something totally new.

Last year after being out of the entertainment industry for years, I took an Improve class to -reawaken some of my former creative juices that had been shelved since I had performed in a Musical-Comedy-Improv Troop. This experience did in fact create a surge of new inspiration and was a great step out of the box and into a fresh dose of personal development.

Some of the things that I suggest clients invest in for personal and business development include:

  • Public Speaking Classes
  • Voice or Music Lessons
  • Art Classes
  • Writing Classes, or Writing Groups
  • Cooking Classes
  • Hiking Clubs
  • Coaching Programs
  • Individual Coaching
  • Business Building Training
  • Business Summits, or Events
  • Networking Groups
  • Community Service Activities
  • Spiritual Retreats
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Any activity that puts you around different people and environments that stretch your perspective

How are you investing in your personal and business development?

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