How to Uncover and Discover Your Freedom

ID-100164921My husband Mark and I love to read, learn and share our discoveries. We each have our piles of books surrounding our individual desks. We love to study and he particularly loves research. 

Recently Mark shared with me the meaning of the root word, Exile, Galah in Hebrew, which means: to uncover, remove, depart, nakedness, to make known, for God to reveal Himself and to discover the God self.  He went on to astonish me with some background information about his discovery. I previously had a powerful run in with this word, so let me explain.

There was a time in history when the Israelites were imprisoned and exiled in Egypt. A man named Jeremiah wrote a letter to the exiles instructing them how to find wholeness and peace within their captivity. He instructed them how to live differently from the thinking that had held them in captivity. 

Interestingly history reveals that Israel went into captivity as a people group, but came out of captivity as named individuals with a sense of unity and inner wholeness that manifested outwardly.

When I was a young widow, several years before beginning to date Mark, a young girl told me, out of the blue, that she felt like I was the girl Jasmine, in the animated movie Aladdin. She said she believed I felt imprisoned and that I was being held captive like Jasmine. In the movie, the religious priests were holding Jasmine the king’s daughter prisoner, much like the mindsets the Israeli exiles struggled with in their captivity.

A year or so later when Mark and I were getting to know each other and he was deciding whether to accept a job offer in another city or pursue a future with me he shared about a dream he had one night. He told me that he believed I was the girl in the dream named Jasmine! He went on to tell me that in his dream the religious priests were holding Jasmine prisoner.

Needless to say, I was stunned! I was amazed that he had received a dream about something he had no previous knowledge of and was so personal to me. So you see my own journey has been about coming out of captivity and “uncovering”, becoming naked, departing from old mindsets and learning to know and discover God for myself outside of my own captivity of thinking and structures that fostered mindsets of captivity.

What about your own transition, difficulty or exile?

If you’re wondering what is going on in the midst of your transition, shift, difficulty or what feels literally or figuratively like exile, you could be in a process to help you come into new freedom, so you can truly see. Exile can be the vehicle to help you see through the fog of ego, the mind and the will, to belief and behavior, so you can be carried into peace and wholeness of being. It can help you uncover, remove, depart from what is false, and learn to embrace your authentic nakedness. It can help to “make known” who you truly are and who you are not. It can open up the opportunities for God to reveal Himself to you and to discover God within yourself. 

Use your time of transition for a change in thinking. Become open to knew ways of doing and seeing. Use your transition as a time to be unraveled and redesigned into your truest self. Let your transitions be a time of new freedom and release. 

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