I Like Green Eggs, But Hold the Label

more art 1 copyI don’t like labels. I don’t think any of us do, yet we are so quick to define others and ourselves with sawed off parameters we think we understand.

We say, “I’m a Christian.” “I’m a Jew.” “I’m gay.” I’m straight.” “I’m a liberal”, or “I’m a conservative.” “I’m a this, or I’m a that,” all such limiting labels! What person would want to be reduced to a tidy box of rhetoric? What one of us would fit?

I have struggled for years with the confines of being stamped and shoehorn into a contrived definition or sector's ideology, because I don’t fit.  I’ve struggled to shake loose and darn it, I want to stay that way. I won’t be squished and bullied and shoved from the sidelines. I won’t even come up with new labels to reclassify and broaden existing definitions of the fuller more rounded me.

It hurts to be seen as a label, sized-up like a piece of meat, slicing here and cutting there to clean off all contradiction. The truth is, I hope I’m always a contradiction, because I’m a moving, breathing, feeling imperfect example of humanity that can’t be reduced to a sterile, bland piece of cardboard.

Labels lack all evidence of love. When I sense a judging, whispering debacle, it makes me want to scream. It leaves me perplexed and conflicted, because aren't we all the same, really?

We must be free to express our uniqueness even when it’s an out of the box contradiction, full of shadows and light. We can’t, we mustn’t be satisfied with the convenience and superficiality of labels! Let us aspired to a greater love than that!