Identity Reconstruction Zones

BeautifulWhile Fifth Avenue may don the latest, greatest fashion trends, and Wall Street the current market trends, the only trend that doesn’t shift with time is the one we receive when connected to the True Source.


Since we’ve never been able to see our own reflection without the aid of a mirror, or other’s telling us what they see, the greatest question we can ask ourselves is, “Where am I getting my information and whose perspective am I allowing to influence me?”Did you ever consider that the reason we can't see our own reflection is so our sight would be directed toward the greatest reflection?


There is only one way to truly see an accurate reflection of who we are and that is through the eyes of the One who made us. Yet, unaware, most of us go through life shaping a miss mosh edifice of identity, constructed through outer achievements, business success, possessions, wealth, celebrity, significant experiences, acceptance and rejection of love, all to build a grand illusion of who we think we are base on outer things. This only reveals that we haven’t connected to our true identity.

I’ve gone around this mountain more times than I can count, waiting for my heart to catch up to what my head knew in theory. All of those great life application lessons breakdowns were really reconstruction zones leading to a greater awakening.


Like Sleeping Beauty many of us have been out cold for a long time. It's time to awaken from our slumber with a gentle kiss, acknowledging the image we really carry.


Often we reach for coping mechanism such as, hyper activity, or the slumber of some sort of emotional numbing as our go to solutions when we hit up against things we can’t comprehend, can’t possibly do on our own, or fail at doing, to avoid the pain of the engulfing trap of self-judgment and comparing ourselves to others.


An economic slump, relational snafu, or health dilemma and suddenly our identity takes a nosedive when all the while it’s a divine set up! Our circumstantial identity bender is intended to show us where our focus is misaligned.


Taking a bite out of that venomous sleep-inducing apple to distract us from the pain only prolongs the disconnection. It’s only when we get sick and tired of giving ourselves the short-end of the stick, feeling shot down by condemning voices, or clinging to an old imprint and outdated way of seeing ourselves that we can begin to come up to who we truly are.


When we stand up on the inside toward accusation and say, “So what, you might be absolutely right” we can begin to adjust our lens away from our introspection to God perception. When we get the scoop from the right source we will realize that we are wonderfully made and nothing changes that no matter what our current measurement suggests. The only reflection we need to be looking at is God’s reflection!


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