I'm Ok With Weakness

Kimberism: "The greatness of a man’s power is the measure of his surrender."~William Booth I am the type of person that has an extremely tenacious nature. I can do a lot in my own strength. Just to confirm and realign this tendency I received a heavenly reminder through a girl friend's dream.

In the dream we were in a boat when suddenly the motor broke down. Immediately I got out of the boat and with sheer determination proceeded to pull the boat to shore. Ha! That is pretty telling isn’t it?

The fact of the matter is there are plenty of times in life when what we need most is not more strength, more determination, or more will power.  I have discovered that as important as intentional action is to getting where we want to go, there are times when we need to remove ourselves from our agenda, lay it down and simply step aside for a greater grace.

I have learned that there is great power in surrender. As tenacious as I am, I am equally as dependent on the Divine for strength and power.

Strength from above is what has gotten me through many things I couldn't have willed, or navigated on my own. My God-connection is what carries me beyond my limitations, weaknesses and down right need. Like a branch that is grafted into the vine, apart from the vine I can do nothing, as a wee branch.

Do you need to become comfortable with your weaknesses? Is it time to let go, get out of your way, and draw on Divine Support?

Picture yourself doing the necessary foot work and then handing your challenges over to a big God with an invitation for help. Imagine the response, “No problem! This is nothing for Me. Take a load off and watch me go to work on your behalf!”

There's nothing that makes weakness as productive as heavenly assistance! Are you open to receive?

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