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 Kimberism: Never settle for a lesser version of yourself! One thing concerning moxie that you may not know is that from time to time I have struggled with revving up my moxie just like many of you. In fact, I have been guilty of repeatedly down-playing important aspects of my life, something many women acknowledge.

Have you noticed that sometimes a switch gets flipped and you’re not even aware that it’s causing you to morph into a lesser version of yourself? It usually looks like striving! Do you ever feel exhausted because you’re trying to tow a barge of goods that aren't yours to tow?

Comically a girl friend had a dream once where she and I were in a boat when the motor broke down. Immediately I got out of the boat and with sheer willpower and determination pulled the boat to shore myself. I have never forgotten that dream, because it is so telling. Although my tenacity has been very helpful in overcoming difficulty, my faith has produced far more power.

Since I help other women own their voice and stand in their own space, I decided I needed to do some reclaiming work myself and rev up one of my top strengths.My husband says that the reason he fell in love with me was because he never met anyone with so much hope. Although I am aware that I am some what of a Pollyanna, I think I overlooked the fact that what I possess is a special gift, a gift of faith. Hope exercised leads to faith.

I do a disservice to others when I don’t share this gift. However when I share my own miraculous experiences of leaning into faith others are strengthened. You see that’s how my life was recreated after widowhood through a lot of leaning and applied faith. As much as we like the notion that we can take care of ourselves, I have found much better results when I lean into divine help. 

I know there are many who want to live into their destined moxie and passion, and also explore faith. Although you know that I am passionate about unearthing and releasing women’s greatest potential, there is nothing I like better than to season the conversation with faith. Not because I have all the answers, (let me tell you straight up that what I possess at best is imperfect faith), but because without it I wouldn't have made it.Moxie Me helps women own their moxie and uplevel their unique giftedness, because the world needs what women possess, but I also invite you to stay plugged in and exercise new muscles and dimensions of faith.

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