Intangible Love

Kimberism: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." Antoine de Saint-Exupery Deep below the surface of my inner being there lingers an invisible hole that can’t be filled by human love, tangible fluff, or visible matter. There is only one love that fits in that peculiar space and it’s hard to describe how this invisible love romances a heart when it can’t even be seen. Yet, this love has infiltrated the barriers of my heart more times than I can relay.

Like the time when I was a single mom and my girl friend Kelley and I were shopping for my new home in Charlotte, NC. As we drove around we stumbled upon a model home and decided to see what it had to offer, but only after I shared about my dream of being in Paris the night before. I also told Kelley about the large canvas I planned to paint of a huge pear.

As soon as we walked into the model home and began to ascend the stairs to our surprise we saw a magnificent painting of a huge pear. Then we went on to the first bedroom and saw an easel with a sketchpad on it and a drawing of an Eiffel tower and the word, Paris! As we entered the second bedroom we saw a whiteboard with childlike drawings and in the middle of the board the word, Kimber! Kelley grabbed my arm and we both screamed in baffled amazement. No one knew us, or that we would be dropping by that day.

That night as I soaked in a hot bath pondering the events of the day, I realized that I had been romanced by a perfect love that had gone ahead of me to leave surprises and tokens of love pertaining to things no one else knew about me. This was no human love. This was a supernatural, heavenly love.

When you least expect it you too may find signs of a mysterious, all knowing, supernatural love wooing and pursing you. Take time to recognize the gifts all around you. There is no love like divine love.

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