Integrated Life

I was talking with my coach this week, yes coaches have coaches. Once you experience partnering with a coach you won’t ever go it alone again! I shared with her how I had created a collage the day before around the new season in my life. Collaging is something I have done for years. I teach workshops using this tool, because it is such a powerful way to bypass the traps of rigid adult thinking and connect to the place of our greatest creativity, a childlike heart. Collaging serves many purposes, and is a great tool to:

1. By passes the linear thinking of ones intellect
2. Renew the mind. Through this process you can realign entrenched thought patterns, re-structure them with what is true, good, and right concerning your life
3. Give yourself permission to express what is in your childlike heart that you haven't given a voice to
4. Help you get in touch with your intuition
5. Divinely connect and help you come into alignment with your purpose, vision and path
6. Put down on paper your vision. Sometimes this is the initial conception of a vision, before moving forward with intention and action to create it
7. Brain storming

My personal coach knows well the value I place on “fun” in my life. That means the days of compartmentalized life; separate components for work, family, friendship, and spiritual life, are over. I live a thriving, fun, life. I don’t want to waste a moment working with people I don’t enjoy, or dutifully giving lip service to an idea I abhor. I decided sometime ago that life is too short to merely tolerate. I realized I can love my work, the people I associate with, as all aspects of life are integrated together.

Collaging is a great picture of this concept as you piece together various components into one. On my new collage I pasted the phrase, “known for great dinner parties!” As soon as I aligned with my fun loving nature that welcomes the outsider and makes new friends easily, something happened! Within a couple of days a party began brewing like a quickly approaching wind, integrating new friends, old friends, family, business, and life.

Are you enjoying all aspects of your life, or do you find your world compartmentalized? Do you go to work as one person and come home as someone else? What would your ideal life look like? See if you get a clearer picture by answering the following questions:

1. What would I like to feel concerning my life?
2. Am I being authentic and true to myself about the life I desire?
3. Do I wake up eager to jump out of bed in the morning? Why not?
4. What does the integrated collage of my life say?
5. Am I ready to get honest about the gap between where I am, and where I desire to be?
6. Am I willing to drive my life to where I want to go?
7. What is one step I can take this week to move toward what I desire?

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