Investing in Tomorrow, Today

Through the years I have been amazed by the amount of people I meet who complain about their life, but aren’t willing to do anything to change it. All the while, we've each been given life, like a perfectly seeded garden, full with potential. Yet, it's our job to water it. And that is just the beginning of the intentional cultivation our lives require.

Passivity is no where on the list of what a garden needs to thrive. We're talking about healthy attention and investment in our lives to yield bountiful fruit.

The truth is, most people appreciate the things they work the hardest for, or shell out the most cash to acquire. If there isn’t some investment in our lives, we won’t value what we've been given. Yet many people don't connect the investment they make to the benefit they will reap. 

You can tell a lot about a person who isn’t willing to pay for something of value, but  instead wants everything handed to them. The fruit of a scarcity mentality is usually rather obvious in their life. What kind of yield do you thing they will reap?

Recently I was challenged to up the ante in my own life, and increase my investment in areas where I desire to see growth. That's why I am grateful for the wealth of valuable skill and information others possess that I have invested in and profited from. I know that every investment I make in someone else’s expertise is an investment that goes directly into my life.

Do you live in scarcity, or are you generously making investments in your life and in your future? If you are reluctant to invest in others services, to aquire the tools you need to get to the next level in your life, how do you imagine your garden will grow?

Why not up the ante and commit to make one new investment in your life this week. Stretch beyond your comfort zone and sow into your future. How will you invest in your tomorrow, today?