Irresistibly Flawed

Kimberism: Never shun imperfection for an illusion of perfection that doesn't exist. The world needs more real women. I want to tout a couple of courageous women, starting with Anne Lamott who freely shares with the world her exquisite realness and undeniable messiness.

Recently I listened to an old interview where she spoke about being utterly flawed and unemployable! She went on about her love of transparency that as she says, helps others “get their buoyancy back.” She speaks my language, because we need transparency to keep us a float while navigating through the vast seas of pretense.

Secondly, I applaud Jaime Lee Curtis for bravely posing in her underwear, saddle bags and all in a 2002 issue of More magazine, revealing her less than spelt middle, chunky thighs and ankles. She bravely shattered the airbrushed illusion that has kept celebs and average women hostage to the idea of perfection for way to long. This unveiling of reality has helped the rest of us accept our own flaws just a bit more. With role models like these leading the way why do we fall for stuffy pretensions, peddling so darn hard to keep up?

I typically have been an A student in striving, that is until thoroughly exhausted I came to my senses. Trying to be the best wife and best mother in the world, best friend, best business woman, best anything is just too much darn work! Who can keep up with the madness?

Martha Steward may have forged the idol of the ultimate hospitable goddess, but can I tell you that I am pretty darn sure there are no awards in heaven for the best flower arrangement, or kept house! With that realization I came to my senses and entered into a little thing called rest and grace (that is until I try to surf some new tsunami in my own strength.)

Because I am a big proponent of authenticity, one of the best ways I have discovered to keep off the seas of striving is to boast in my weaknesses. I love authentic women who are willing to challenge our misled ideologies with a little grit. We all have grit, so let’s just be real about it! I’ll start by boasting in a few of my flaws. I dare yah to follow suit and show off your irresistible flaws too.

Flaw Boasts

  • Once while running errands I discovered a 3 foot strand of toilet paper tucked in the back of my pants flailing behind me in the wind!
  • I have little tolerance for uppity people unless the uppity person is me
  • I like to nap way too much
  • I have the unfortunate fate of being a terrible joke teller, while thinking that I am highly amusing
  • I am allergic to math and house cleaning
  • I have gangly Olive Oil legs (you know Popeye’s girl friend Olive Oil)
  • I get really cranky when I’m overly tired, or hungry and might sit down in the middle of the street and cry
  • I struggle with flaky people and expect everyone to have it together most of time regardless of whether I do or not

If you're at all like me follow along for the upcoming Cease Striving Campaign to discover irresistible effortlessness!

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