Is It Dead?

Kimberism: “Prune-prune businesses, products, activities, people. Do it annually. ” Donald Rumsfeld “Is it dead?” was the question that popped into my head, somehow acknowledging a similar camaraderie with the bare branches on a sparse looking tree? Then I heard in my spirit, “Its important to know the times and the seasons.”

Years ago my bedroom window overlooked the corner where two streets met. Outside my window I could see the street signs named, Bearmore and Palace. During my widowhood when I looked out the window and saw those signs, instead of dreading a season of what often felt like confinement, I choose to shift my perspective to being tucked away in a palace in preparation for a season of fruitful.

Its important to know what season your in. Often we look for fruit out of season. During a winter season its time for pruning. It’s not the time for fruitfulness, but the precursor for a fruitful season.

Do you need to look at your seasons of seeming barrenness differently? When you feel as if you can’t see anything happening on the horizon, imagine that you’re tucked away in the palace quarters in preparation for your season of fruitfulness. How can you shift your perspective?

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