Is Your Mindset Too Small?

Kimberism: A dream is the bearer of a new possibility, the enlarged horizon, the great hope. Howard Thurman Whenever I've had the feeling of being shoe-horned in by life ultimately I've come to the conclusion that I've been thinking too small.  The world can seen expansive or quite cramped depending on our perspective.

How is your current perspective? Can you see into opulent possibilities, or are you plagued by fear, doubt and the kind of thinking that feels claustrophobic?

When I get that closed-in feeling I work to shift my perspective. Sometimes that means pushing back from my surroundings, and getting out where I can have a larger view. Imagine the difference of viewing life from an expansive summit, verses your own fenced in back yard.

When life feels tight I get specific about defining new options, new actions and desired results. It's not always easy. Sometimes that means seeing past pain, tragedy and what appears to be a dead end. I know that seeing into a broader perspective is what helped me get back up after widowhood.

Are you thinking too small? Does life feel short on answers, options, and possibilities? Step back and view your circumstance from a summits perspective. Imagine what it would look like from your Maker's vantage point. As yourself what it would feel like if nothing was holding you back. Then watch your circumstances shift as you view the expansive possibilities.

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