Keeping Cool In Heated Situations

Kimberism: The English have an extraordinary ability for flying into a great calm. Alexander Woolcott Years ago while taxing my kids around I tried to calmly enter the flow of traffic amidst a busy interchange. The problem was one grumpy driver’s resistance to allowing my access. Seeing that the old man was bent on blocking my entrance to my surprise I found myself shouting out the window, “Go take a nap!

My young children broke out into laughter retorting, “Wow mom! You really let him have it!” Although my reaction may have been tame, it became a reoccurring phrase that helps me release steam in hot situations.When driving around Los Angeles I often feel the need to belt out the same sentiment having never seen a city more prone to lay on the horn. The horn it seems is a means to some to release frustration as drivers incessantly honk their way through city streets.

It would be nice to think we would always remain calm and cool and respond appropriately in stressful situations. Nevertheless pent up steam sometimes causes our lids to pop!

What methods do you have to release steam in the midst of stressful situations? Why not try adopting your own comical phrase such as, "go tap a nap" to cut the tension, toss up a prayer, or think of an image such as a rippling brook that helps keep you cool in the heat?