Keeping Your Dream Alive

Keeping Dreams Alive










 There are many perspectives stemming from upbringing, the faith community and the world at large, that can foster a mindset of scarcity and separation. “I’m not enough”, “There isn’t enough”, or “I’m somehow distanced and on the outside looking in” beliefs are fallacies that do not reflect the truth as much as they reflect a lens from which we may be viewing our reality.

It’s important to recognize a skewed lens when it presents itself, rather than allowing a scarcity perspective to place limitations on us, by trying to shrink a limitless God into a man sized stature. It would benefit us to run from any thought or belief that alienates us in our mind and does not align with the promise that nothing can separate us from God’s love.

If nothing can separate us from God’s love, than nothing can separate us unless the separating and disconnecting is on our part! So when we get a tinge of fear about our future, our finances, or life in general that causes us to feel separated or left out from the pack, we must address perspective. God isn’t wringing His hands about the economy, tomorrow or our bank account balance and oversees all he does with love. This perspective pertains to our vision and dreams as well.

When we view God as a harsh taskmaster ready to pounce if we make a wrong move, we keep ourselves immobilized through fear. Although there are very real seasons of being hidden, or what feels like being set aside, so that roots can be established and grow, these seasons of isolation and delay are not punishment or disapproval, but demonstrations of unimaginable love.

If you feel hidden, set aside, on the outside, disillusioned, or debunked, know that God’s love has not been removed from you. You may be concealed, so that more can be revealed. Remember every great oak starts in seed form. Continue to dream and reflect on what’s been placed within you, as you nurture your vision in seed form.

Nurturing a Vision

• Focus on God’s love and not your circumstances

• Focus on the truth and not false evidence appearing real

• Stay out of “Group Think” and comparison

• Show up as you ARE

• Allow your roots to grow

• Continue to dream and nurture your vision, instead of fearing that you’ve been rejected

• Identify the collaborative support you need and begin to build relationships

• Allow your perspective to be altered so you can grasp your true love-identity

• No door can be closed when the time is right, so identity if you’re in a season of rest and preparation, or activation

• Remain in hopeful expectation for the new as it emerges on the horizon, even if it appears in a different form than you imagined

Hold onto your dream!

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