Keys to Stability When Your Normal Is Being Interrupted

Capsized boatAre you finding the good old days illusive and intangible? Is the stability and normalcy you once knew now wobbly and uncertain? It could be your normal is being disrupted.

There are two ways to react to change and transition.One will anchor your life while preparing you for an upgrade in perspective and attitude. The other will assure that you’ll continue grasping for solidity beneath your feet as you're tossed around in a sea of confusion.

The first choice is to:

1. Rearrange the chairs on the Titanic. Be deluded into thinking you are manning up, taking the bull by the horns in an attempt to control and rearrange life. The thing is if the old self-effort way of doing things is capsizing, the position of the chairs makes little difference.

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The truth is no matter how much you strive to make something happen, somethings in life will be buoyant and others will sink. It’s important to discern the difference. Is what you are trying to maintain destined to capsize? Are you loosing control so you can learn to be powered by a new Source that will enable you to float and gain peace?

The night my husband Bill was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor I knew I had to make a choice. I could be swept away with fear and worry that would capsize my life before the next morning, or choose the life raft of faith for the days ahead.  Did that mean my life turned out perfectly? No, Bill went home to heaven 5 weeks later and I was left with the daunting task of raising four small children alone. Nevertheless my choice anchored me and kept me from capsizing. Today in life’s current season of change and transition I rely on the same anchor to keeps me afloat.

The reason this choice anchors me is because of an even deeper foundational belief that I am completely loved. Believing in a Supreme Love helps me navigate life's disruptions and keeps me hopeful. Love carries, transforms, uplifts, shelters and keeps me floating, instead of sinking.

If you're ready to choose something other than mad grabs at control, there's option #2!

2. Learn to:

  • Let go and live in the present.
  • Condition yourself to see the opportunity in every circumstance.
  • Choose upward behavior and thoughts instead of negative, downward-spiraling behavior or thoughts. 
  • Don’t try to figure out what you can’t possibly know or foresee, because it’s beyond your pay grade. Fix your stance on hope!
  • Stay close to love ones and recognize this is no time to be a lone wolf.
  • Practice letting go and living fully in the moment.
  • Exercise faith that anchors.

Although I might not have chosen many of the things I've walked through in my life, such as burying a young husband, through the process of having my normal disrupted, I've gained valuable internal gold that no one can take away. Instead of capsizing I've learned to float.

If you're facing insurmountable odds, the disarray of confusion, or a needed life redesign, I suggest you choose an anchor that will keep you afloat.And for inspired living look for our upcoming online program, Untamed Joy! Get a life lift, uncover your true identity and discover new joy!