Living in Reception Mode

Kimberism: I think this is what hooks one to gardening: it is the closest one can come to being present at creation. Phyllis Theroux Are you living in reception mode, or are you working so hard to manufacture your own desires that you are missing out on receiving?

I believe the best gifts are those given freely with no strings attached like the time my husband surprised me with a brand new guitar. I did nothing to deserve it. I was just the recipient of his generosity.

We all know there is no way to manipulate, or drag a gift out of a distant, non-involved person, but how incredible is the generosity of a sincere giver.

Some believe that they are the author of their own lives. Yet look a little further and you will see that you had nothing to do with getting yourself here. You did nothing to conceive your life. Rather you are the recipient of life.

Whether you want to admit it or not, you and I are dependents. Although we live in a world of seemingly independent people exercising their independence, when it comes right down to it, you and are dependent on every breath we breathe. Notice that just as a branch cannot exist apart from a vine, we draw nutrients from a greater source.  We are containers for life!

Are you living in reception mode, or resistance mode? Are you struggling to be free from the vine and make it on your own hard earned efforts, or are you living as a grateful recipient?

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