Love Is An Indelible Marker

Love is the main 1Should it all end today, tomorrow or next week, I want to know that I made the right choice and that I didn’t forfeit the greater by settling for the lesser. I had a first hand look at this reality eighteen years ago when my sweet young husband Bill left this world after a short five-week battle with cancer, leaving behind an indelible mark on those who knew him.

 The evidence of his choices began to show up shortly after his passing and still lives on amongst us, long after he’s gone. The first evidence was when the small town of Sandwich, NH where we lived honored his contribution of coaching children’s sport leagues with a memorial expressing the kindness that he exemplified.

 Strange occurrences also began to occur as one friend relayed that Bill came to him in a dream that caused a life turn around. These experiences went on for sometime. I even had my own encounter where I saw Bill and the host of heaven enthusiastically cheering me on to finish the race before me. And then one morning my young son Joshua excitedly came running down stairs to announce that he had a dream where his daddy was playing the harmonica with King David.None of these things trumps the way Bill touched lives while on the earth, such as the stranger he gave his coat to while offering him a ride on a wintery day. Bill taught a valuable lesson as he whistled his way through life: focus on loving well.

While I focusing on love I often find it hard to carry on as usual. The ongoing abiding glimpse into the heavenly realm often leaves its weighty presence making marketing, blogging, or cleaning the house seem entirely irrelevant.

I have tried like the best of them to “do the work.” I am a task driven, action girl from way back. My sister claims she’s never seen someone clean the kitchen faster or accomplish more, but the thing is I don’t want to merely “accomplish” if the work I do has no lasting value.

Heart with nameWhat difference does leaving your mark, make, if lives aren’t transformed or lifted up in some way? Love is not only an action word, it’s an abiding presence and without it little love is demonstrated. Without it little of importance is accomplished.

Bill wasn’t a perfect man. Without abiding in the Source of love his life wouldn’t have demonstrated the love that it did.

This is why I’m passionate about my focus on inner work, for there is a soul thirsty part of all of us that hungers for sustaining love. It’s why so much of the work I do is experiential and value driven, taking the time to refocus on the inside, instead of the steady stream of traffic, agendas, meal preparation and things to mark off the to dos that will matter little tomorrow.

If we’re not intentional about how our time is spent and our focus directed, you can bet the condition of the heart and our inner world will be last in line, while we run here and there in pursuit of meaningless activities.

People won’t remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel, because love is like an indelible marker. 

Love is originated by the Source of true love and so it will last and never wash off. I want to be one whose life leaves love’s indelible mark, don't you?

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