Maintaining the Creative Zone

IMG_1475How do you get into your creative zone where things happen effortlessly, solutions appear and problems disappear? I've discovered that my best work gets done when it feels like play! When I get out of my head and into my authentic, natural, intuitive self I find things flow easily. So why don’t I stay in that place and never leave?

Sometimes I forget that I get to determine how I want to do life. I can strive and push and fret, or give it all up in a second and slide into ease.

I can do life as a party (business too) if I choose. I don’t have to play by others rules. I don’t have to keep up with a race I’d rather not run. I don’t have to compete and operate from ego. I can choose the easy, breezy, free-styling life that makes love the staple, not the ration.

Though its been raining for days I choose to live life like a sunny summer day. I choose to be infected with joy and overcome with giddiness on the inside. I choose to be at ease, not run, strive, or fret, but skip my way through what ever I encounter today. I can choose to make it hard, or I can accept the grace that is available to me today. I am OK with being called a Pollyanna, because she looks better on me than Eeyore!

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