Making 2012 A Year of Growth

Kimberism: Love of life is a beautiful thing! A young child learning to eat table food for the first time, or take her first wobbly steps, needs the nurture and support that encourages her to walk and eventually run. You don’t drill and force what will organically develop over time. You offer yummy scraps of food that can be gobbled up with glee and a gentle hand of assistance.

As we move into new territory as adults we need a similar kind of nurture that allows room to spread out into what will be. When my four children where born at home during the delivery process I was allowed the wonderful freedom to roam around as I liked. Taking new ground and allowing new things to be birthed in life also depends on the internal freedom to explore and expand.

As we begin the New Year it is easy to push ahead with goals and plans forsaking the natural flow, or organic process. However, after coaching many people who hit the wall in 2011 with their contrived efforts for success, they now understanding the importance of not birthing a vision prematurely. A vision will only be able to be maintained if the foundation is in place to sustain it.

There is a natural process of healing, rebuilding and morphing that takes place in life. Although painful and wearisome at times, it can be a beautiful, organic process if given to the creative flow.

My recommendation for 2012 is to invest in the work necessary to secure a solid foundation in which to build your dreams upon.

  • Determine what a successful year would look like to you and set your intention around that
  • Some need to invest internally in proportion to external investments and vise versa
  • Seek a year of balance, determine what that looks like for you
  • Commit to growth with clear, small, attainable goals and objectives
  • Set in place accountability through coaching, mentoring, or support that will move you forward
  • Live true to your values
  • No matter what season you're in, sprinkle it with fun

If you need support contact us about private coaching. See our group coaching program Heart through Art here.  Wishing you a New Year of success, growth, and advancement!

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