Miracle Intentions


I hate test!

After transitioning back to North Carolina I cringed at the thought of having to take my written driver’s exam. Nevertheless I spent sometime cramming and preparing. I even decided to set my attitude and intention around enjoying the testing process. Instead of expecting the regular nightmare at the DMV I decided to have fun with the process.


The night before I re-entered the DMV doors I dreamt that the test was a breeze and I was in and out in no time flat. Now fast forward to the morning of my license procurement. I arrived and there was no line, friendly conversation and wait for it…..a miracle! No test needed! My previous license was still valid and in the system! How does this help you?

Choose how you want to face what you're facing!

  • Face the things you dread with an attitude of playfulness and adventure
  • Define how you want to play the game of life at any given moment
  • Choose joy daily
  • Expect daily miracles
  • Choose to walk in grace and favor and see if your results are altered. At least you'll enjoy the ride!