Missing Keys

Kimberism: It's important to know where your values are taking you. One of the exercises I lead clients through is the process of identifying 3 core keys that help them live a thriving life. This exercise came about several years ago in a rather cathartic period of my life when I received a heavenly download through a dream one night. In the dream I was introduced to the 3 foundational keys that were fundamental for my life to thrive.

Don't worry if you haven't received information in such a dramatic fashion. However awareness around these keys is crucial.

What I learned in my dream simply highlighted what I already knew to be true. Maintaining fun, play and a childlike heart is a key that I must protect to thrive. Being an advocate in specific causes of justice is another important key in my life. Finally, my third life key relates to maintaining my God-connection and living my life as an act of worship. 

And sure enough when I am forgetful about these keys I receive check-up reminders, as if my car needs more oil, all for my ultimate well-being. If I am lacking intention around these keys you can bet it shows up in my business and everything I do.

One such reminder was when I removed a portion of my keys to pass along to a valet parking attendant. I thought that I had securely placed the purple rhinestone charm with my house keys into my purse, but when I got home I discovered they were missing.

The next day I recognized that not only was I my missing the purple key ring my husband gave me as a gift, but I was feeling the gap concerning my 3 important life keys. 

Have you considered the keys that help your life stay on track and when neglected quickly reveal their importance? Try answering these questions:

  1. What are the 3 key values that keep you calibrated and running smoothly? (These trump the broad sense of your core values that are equally as important. ) These keys are central component and must be maintained to thrive.
  2. A clue in part is: being passionate about a theme that’s seen running through your life, or an important period of your life?

Once these keys are identified it’s important to determine how you will intentionally honor them to stay on track in business and life. How you do anything is how you do everything. Make time to define these for yourself and put in place what you need in your life to honor them. I'd love to hear what you discover in this process. I invite your to sign up for a Complementary Strategy Session to see how you could incorporate this element in your life and business. Sign up here!

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