Money Trap

Kimberism: The foundation determines what will be built. We are in a new age where statistics tell us that women are spearheading a new force of entrepreneurialism across the globe. One of the most significant shifts we are seeing is that women are modeling business in a new way. Instead of driven by the need to win and beat out their competitors, many women are doing business through a win-win model that supports others, rather than tears them down.

There is also a mindset shift where heart-centered entrepreneurs are realizing that they can receive compensation for their expertise. This is crucial advancement for many heart-centered entrepreneurs who have never offered their expertise for money in the first place and often have under valued their skill. This is a needed upleveling for many heart-centered entrepreneurs.

However, there lies the challenge for women of maintaining balance rather than following suit with the old competitive model of chasing after the consuming jingle of money that ultimately overrides the heart in heart-centered.

I see many women who are are chomping at the bit to get out on the playing field, yet often what they end up creating is not what they truly want. I have seen the insatiable hunger for money trap many entrepreneurs rather than liberate them. If we fall for the snare of building something that is not aligned with our values it will become a trap and not a place of fulfillment, or liberty, no matter how successful it may appear from the outside.

For myself and the heart-centered women I serve it is important to create something that is driven by inspiration, creativity, and bliss, rather than striving for money.

Living into your moxie is about defining your own unique spark, not cloning everyone else’s model. That means honing in on your own core values, and passion, not merely following the current tide. That's what we help women do.

Life is to precious to live outside of bliss. If you are tired of the insatiable pursuit of money and want to wake up excited about your life, rather than drained and depleted from serving others values, follow us into a blissful ride through our Cease Striving Campaign. You can experience the joy of an authentic life and business that is driven by bliss. Look for our upcoming program!