New Interpretations

I wish I had known in my twenties that every thought had a corresponding emotion, and every emotion a corresponding feeling. It would have helped me navigate through life much easier.

Quite frankly, many of us don’t know what to do with inopportune fear, or bursts of emotions. For some the easiest solution is to stuff them, and keep control at all cost. The problem is no matter how much we may convince ourselves or the world around us that we are in control, the fact of the matter is that our stowaways are lurking beneath the surface. Therefore many of our early responses are still driving our lives!

As a child we may have decided not to trust swim instructors, because we were afraid of the water. However as an adult we can determine that the old interpretation no longer serves our life. We can change our mind about what we've believed and even become an expert high diver if we so choose!

As much as we say affirmations or “name it, and claim it," we will always be strong armed by our actual thoughts and beliefs. There is just no getting around it.

You may wonder why you keep going around the same mountain, time and time again, or running into the same barrier. You may be under the notion that what you believe is in alignment with what you think, while being unaware of the myriad of thoughts and perceptions tucked out of sight in your subconscious.
The next time you find yourself reacting to a situation, stop, and observe what's happening on the inside. Ask yourself what you are afraid of? Are you in conflict, because you are responding from a place of, "I should feel this way," when you actually don't?

When we get clear about what we truly think, feel and believe, our hidden beliefs won't sabotage our lives. The good new is that we can reevaluate what we believe at any turn.

Take a moment to evaluate a block, or area that you've been bumping up against. What isn't working about what you've believed related to this area? Decide what belief would better serve your like now and redefine what you think. Not let me hear how you are changing your mind around limiting beliefs that have hindered you and coming up with new interpretations.

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