New Language

Kimbersism: "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." Confucius

For years I've had an on going love affair with beautiful chairs. In a difficult a transitional season in my life chairs became the living metaphor for the changes I encountered. During this period every room I entered led me into an encounter with a voluptuous chair. As if spotlights were directing me I was drawn to unique pieces that oozed beauty. I stumbled upon curved legs, slanted backs, plump cushions, sensual fabrics that somehow told a story in their worn loveliness. I purchased several chairs that accompanied me as I embraced the shattered spaces of my heart.

Widowhood reshaped me and varied tattered, but lovely, one-of-a-kind chairs mirrored the door way of acceptance I learned to walk through. Tragedy and transition rarely feel sexy, yet with the right perspective radiate beautiful hues. Life and my chairs speak about passion, love, and risk. What one of us doesn’t carry those markings of life?

My chair with the brilliant purple fabric, and iridescent alphabet letters could be the most vivid of them all. It radiates a childlike eagerness and the risk of learning bold new language.

How can you expand your definition of beauty by owning whatever season you are living in today? Practice embracing the unspoken hues that radiate beauty from your life.