Nick Names Don't Always Tell the Truth

Kimberism: "No one can pass through life, any more than he can pass through a bit of country, without leaving tracks behind, and those tracks may often be helpful to those coming after him in finding their way." ~Sir Robert Baden-Powell

I’ve had several nicknames over the years. Some funny, some affirming, some tongue in check and some mockingly rude. It might be hard to determine the positive from the negative, so let me spell it out.

It all began with the creative name my mom bestowed on me, not Kimberly, not Kim, but Kimber. Then the questions began, “Like Kimba the White Lion?" to which I thought, “No, Kimber like me!”

Before this began a family member teasingly called my Twiggy like frame “Mousy.” Then there was “Limber Kimber," followed by the two high school nick names, “Legs” and “Georgia Peach.”

Then Bill my husband lovingly nicknamed me, “Kimberski” and sometimes “Muffy” to which I dubbed him “Buffy” all from 70’s TV show characters. Then there was the not so favorable “Miss Hollywood” after I left acting to settle down, marry and raise a family. Twelve years later when I sadly had to say goodbye to Bill, a sweet friend called me, “The Little Widow Woman,"  because of the paradox in being such a young widow. And lastly, now a days Mark calls me, “Zoe Girl,” because Zoe means life. Phew, that's a lot of nicknames!

I believe what we speak over ourselves and others can be powerful. It can tear down, and it can build up. Here comes the most interesting part of my nickname history. After Bill and I married and I took the name Everett, a friend enlightened me on the meaning of the name. “Everett” means: Strong as a Boar.

This name spoke something powerful over my life which I surely needed. From my childhood days of being told I was frail, to my adult world of widowhood that knocked me off my feet, I needed a re-education process. I had to learn to morph into a women with moxie!

What nick names do you need to replace in your life? Why not pick the statement you’d like to speak over your life? If you’re lacking confidence you might be,” Courageous Sue.” If you doubt your innate beauty, call yourself, “Lovely Lily!”

Life is too short to hang onto statements that pigeon hole you, keep you playing it small, or just aren't true! Be bold moving into 2011 and play into your moxie with a new statement about yourself. Please share your new proclamations about yourself. :)

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