Nurture Your Infant Dreams


Imagine you are a nurse in the ICU unit of the biggest birthing center in the world. Your job is to watch over the tiny newborn infants grasping for life. I know you would want the world for your small infants. Don’t you want the world for your infant dreams?

It’s time to release new life and oxygen to your dreams. Give them growing room. Allow yourself to dream more, dream bigger than ever before.

  • Start dreaming of joyous possibilities for your life. Start by being positively outlandish with positive thoughts!
  • Allow yourself to go into your thoughts, to where your heart wants to take you—where your heart loves to frolic and dream, where your heart comes alive! Define that place. Take the ideas of possibilities and begin to own them, shape them and build them.
  • The only way to till the soil of imagination is to get in the dirt and dig around. What seeds in your life are ripe for planting? Which seeds need the right environment to thrive and grow? Can you identify the things below the surface which are aching to find soft soil so they can spring up? With the same care you imagine giving those babes in the ICU, how can you nurture the seeds of your infant dreams?

 —Kimber Britner, Untamed Heart, Releasing Your Creative Genius, 2013

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