Opening the Conversation

Kimberism: Faith puts God in the midst of our circumstances. Catastrophic earthquakes have pillaged parts of the world and then I read about more devastating storms sweeping across the country prompting the question, “What do you do when earth quakes shake your life, or business?”

It’s obvious that in frightful times rescue is not found in the removal of difficult circumstances, but by the presence of something move powerful in the midst of the circumstance. When business and every day life are overshadowed by the vastness of a new day life requires faith.

I know I have been there. I have faced many devastating storms in my life that threatened to take me down, and although none were easy they expanded my moxie and upleveled my faith! As much as we like the notion that we can take care of ourselves, in horrific times we begin to understand our need and become open to divine help. 

I've heard it said that faith is never denial of reality. It is belief in a greater reality. Talk to a parent holding a sick child, or a woman left in the dust by her spouse. Talk to a man who faces bankruptcy and you will see the need for something greater than oneself. You will see the acknowledgement of God.

You might be in the midst of a terrifying storm, be it financial, relational, health, or other that is more than you can bear up under. There might be many Band-Aids offered, but when its all said and done, Band-Aids do little. When life is threatening to sink you, who are you going to call?  It’s a great time to press in, reinstate, or open up a conversation with God for the first time. Invite Him into the flood waters and see if you don't learn a few new strokes.

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