Overwhelmed or Underwhelmed?

Kimberism: Don't let overwhelm rob you of gratitude for the absence of underwhelm. As I sat down at my desk today a feeling of overwhelm hit me in the stomach like a fast ball. The busyness from last week still has me spinning. 

While spending four non-stop days at a business conference, I prepared and threw a party for my daughters 21st birthday. Then I went on to a full day of masterminding only to walk in the door to one of our kids visiting with his girl friend. I hadn't even gotten to the grocery store before we were off sightseeing.

Even though all of these activities have been wonderful, I find myself trying to come up for air. As I process through each item on my desk demanding attention it occurs to me that it is much better to be overwhelmed with a full life than underwhelmed.

So I chose to take a breath, and let go of wanting all my ducks to be in a row. I acknowledge that I am thankful for my life. All the "to dos" will get done in time, but for now I will be thankful that I am not underwhelmed with life.

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