Particular Graces

Kimberism: It is said that a person's gift makes room for him, but the room must first be made in our lives for the gift. Knowing that we each are gifted with particular graces and affinities pertaining to activities, talents and spheres of influence, I find it crucial that we understand our graces.

What knack, or way about you do you possess that others can’t quite fathom? Do you easily sail into a room and make friends, while some struggle with casual conversation? Do you navigate through unfamiliar territory easily as if you had a compass etched in your brain, while others can’t find their way out of paper bag? Do you effortlessly come up with ideas? Are you a prolific writer and see the world as a story?

All of these and a million others are what I refer to as particular graces. If you haven’t yet determined your particular graces its time your started identifying the things that make you unique. Instead of struggling to fit into the round hole, why not define your unique bent and enhance it. Don’t settle for blending in when you were made to stand out.

Although I try to stay organized, I organize something and can’t remember the system I organized it in! Maybe you can relate. Thankfully there are wonderfully gifted individuals who thrive with detail, who anchor and stabilize others. They see the world through a lens of order. If I spent my time trying to become this type of person I would absolutely forfeit my particular graces to activate and release.

Instead, I continue to foster new means and environments that allow my big picture thinking to thrive. I look for stimulus to release my strengths as a kite in the wind without allowing my weaknesses to tether me and pull me down.

Do you know what your graces are and are you leaning into them, rather than trying to be something that you are not?

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